The ongoing changes of the media world have me thinking about how much these tools have changed our world, the way we interact with eachother along with our expanded network.  My name is Taryn, and I’m looking forward to sharing my digital insights with readers on this site as part of my first blogging efforts.

I’m only in my mid-20’s and in my lifetime I can say that I remember the day when the Internet did not exist and I actually had to read a book or search through an encyclopedia for school reports. Since then, I’ve seen our society go from being introduced to new technologies like the cell phone and Internet to being totally dependent on these devices for services such as socializing, information gathering, commerce and personal business.

As we go through these changes, we’re increasingly seeing the importance of new media to our society. It provides us new ways to interact and collaborate and it changes the roles we play and the perspective we take on the world.

One present example that comes to mind as an important emerging media is the tablet, or more popularly known as the iPad. When this Apple product was first launched, I must say I was quite skeptical. “So you mean you’re going to launch an item that I can’t sit on a desktop to type on and it also can’t fit it in my pocket?” I thought. I felt like it was a step backwards and didn’t understand where it fit into our new products and tools. But alas, Apple continues to show their leading role in innovation. This product is now being slowly integrated into our everyday work and personal life. I see flight passengers watching movies on their personal tablet, some restaurants have hostesses using the tablet to manage reservations and tables, nurses and doctors are keeping the tablet on hand to manage patient records and updates, and I’ve been in several meetings where executives don’t miss a beat – managing notes and inboxes with their tablets in hand. The Daily is even coming out with an iPad only publication.

Innovations like these all amount to exciting times, but they can also be daunting times for marketers and communicators like myself, which is why this area is an important area to examine. Our customers or clients rely on marketers to be in tune with the changing times, the new digital tools and how to navigate the online space. With so many changes, we have to do more than stay with the times but stay ahead of the trends in order to create the most valuable programs that effectively reach audiences. As the landscape changes, we’ll continue to learn how to navigate, as a business, individual or as part of a cause. If you’re interested in understanding the overall social media environment, take a look at The Social Marketing Compass, recently created to provide overall direction for conducting online program activities.